WE are proud to offer Calgarians with the highest quality of acrobatic gymnastics programs in canada!

Junior Olympic (JO)1:

This is a great introduction to acro for all ages and abilities. Boys and girls who want to have fun and build some acro strength!

September 6th - June 22nd

(10 months)

$170 / month

Pick any two “JO2” times

4 Hours/ Week

Junior Olympic (JO)2:

This program begins to introduce athletes to the competitive side of the sport.

September 6th - June 22nd

(10 months)

$270 / month

Tuesdays / Thursdays 6-8pm

Wednesday  4-6pm

6 Hours/ Week

International Acro (IA)1:

This class is designed to introduce our members to international competition. The option to travel is available to members in this program. 

August - July (12 months)

Monday 5:30-8:30

Wednesday & Thursday 6-8:30

8 Hours/Week

International Acro (IA)2:

Athletes in this program are selected to represent Calgary Acro and Canada at various  international events. 

August - July (12 months)

Friday 6:30-8am

Mon/Tue/Wed 5:30-8:30pm

Friday 4-7pm

+TOPS Thur 5:30-7:30

Bases 13.5 Hours/Week

Tops 15.5 Hours/Week

International Acro (IA)3:

Our highest level of international acro athletes. Athletes in this program train hard to compete amongst the best in the sport.

August - July (12 months)

Wednesday & Friday 6:30-8am

Mon/Wed 6-9pm

Tue/Thur 6-8:30pm

Fri 4-7pm

17 Hours/Week


Ages 5-6 this program is designed to prepare athletes to move into our group programs by teaching them the basics of flexibility, strength and acrobatic elements.

September 6th - June 22nd

(10 months)

$80 / month

Tuesday / Thursday 4:45-5:30pm

1.5 Hours/Week